Jane is a fashion designer, born in Shanghai and uprooted to Palo Alto, Cambridge, New York, Paris, Singapore and finally back to Shanghai again. She first tried on her mother’s wedding qipao at the age of seven, and has been in love with dresses ever since.

In Shanghai, she decided to take up qipaos upon a whim that turned into an obsession. “It’s not fair that personal dressmakers aren’t available outside of China,” she thought, “These dresses would look fabulous on any figure.”

Since then, she has studied the ever-rarer art of qipao patternmaking and master construction from various master tailors (si-fu) with over 80 years of accumulated qipao-making experience. Her dream is to share that unique, breathless feeling of slipping on a perfectly tailored custom-fitted silk qipao with women all over the world.

Jane currently likes to spend her time in Shanghai’s crowded fabric markets, running her fingers along shiny bolts of silk and searching for “must-have” fabrics. She personally creates the pattern for each customized qipao. She loves the process of selecting linings, pipings and buttons to pull together the perfect qipao, and believes that whatever the garment, the back is as important as front, the inside as important as out.