Qipao by Jane is an atelier service that specializes in luxury fashion qipaos (or cheongsam as it is sometimes known). Each qipao is individually tailored, completely customized, and handmade by an experienced artisan (si fu) in Shanghai. Every Qipao by Jane is a work of art in its own right, a collaboration between you and Jane, the qipao designer. We provide a broad selection of the finest silks in the world, as well as traditional handwork such as manual embroidery and master brush painting that is not available anywhere outside of China.

Orders for Qipao by Jane are currently available in Shanghai, New York City, and London. We also work with customers in other locations all over the world who provide their own qipao measurements via local tailors.

Our order process starts here on the website, your place to play. Our site will soon bring you the freedom to customize every aspect of your qipao. You will be able to design as much or as little of it as you would like to by yourself, and ask Jane to do the rest. Customize an inspirational look from our previews or start from scratch in my qipao. Because of our limited-run fabrics and our customization to your unique shape, no two Qipaos by Jane will be exactly the same.

Once you have confirmed your order details online, we will contact you within 24 hours to set up an in-store consultation and measurement session. In-store, you can confirm the qipao fabric that you selected online after viewing a physical fabric sample.

Our experienced tailor will then take your measurements and send your order to our workshop in Shanghai. This will be followed by a phone consultation from us to confirm the final details, and your custom-made custom-designed qipao will be couriered to you in three to six weeks. Alterations for fit at any of our locations are free of charge. We fully guarantee that you will be not only satisfied, but absolutely delighted with the result.

To get started, simply go to Preview.