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    SpaChina July-Aug. 2008

    Jane's Qipao boutique is a place full of old romance, reports SpaChina . In this Shanghai-based boutique, Jane receives clients from across the world. Every Qipao by Jane is individualized for each client and handmade by Shanghai artisans, and each dress communicates art, culture and modernism. ( July-Aug. 2008 )
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  • Joy Magazine July 2008

    Joy Magazine's feature on Qipao by Jane highlights designer Jane's philosophy that "The real luxury of a dress is not about how much it costs, but in how individualized every detail is. Every Qipao made here involves individual communication, a unique illustration, and a style and color that flatters the customer's skin tone and body shape." (July 2008)
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  • O2 Life June 2008

    O2 Life Magazine interviewed Jane and observed that Jane's Qipao boutique may not be the largest in Shanghai, but it is by far the most intimate and thoughtful. Every Qipao here conveys the designer's belief that for a dress as special as a qipao, the wearer should be able to choose every detail from fabric pattern to collar height. (June 2008)
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  • SL June-July 2008

    SL magazine in London welcomes Qipao by Jane to Savile Row with a feature that states "designer Jane Zhu makes a Qipao unique in its ability to communicate both demure modesty and elegant sensuousness, a second skin of pure silk that enhances and exhibits every unique individual female form." ( June-July 2008 )
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  • Vogue May 2008

    Vogue recommends Qipao By Jane's studio in Shanghai as a perfect embodiment of East-Meets-West design. Designer Jane Zhu modernizes the look of the qipao by combining exquisite Suzhou silk and Chinese embroidery with a dashing, sensational color and style. ( May 2008 )
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  • ICS/ Culture Matters 说东道西 May 2008

    Culture Matters, a daily English-language cultural talk show, invites Jane Zhu to share her insights in a series of three talk show episodes about Eastern and Western fashions. Together with the host Sammy Yang and Kate McFarlin, a Western fashion designer based in Shanghai, they discuss fashion in China, the international spread of Chinese fashions, and the history of the qipao. ( May 2008 )
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  • China International Business April 2008

    China International Business features entrepreneur/designer Jane Zhu and profiles her personal journey from qipao fan to made-to-measure fashion maven. With a Harvard and INSEAD MBA education, Jane launched her boutique in Shanghai based on her own savings, later expanding into New York and London by partnering with high-end bespoke tailoring shops in the two cities. What distinguishes and creates Jane's success are her exquisite designs, impressive business credentials, and fundamentally her belief in creating an exclusive dress for each individual. ( April 2008 )
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  • Dragon TV/ Global News March 2008

    Qipao by Jane presented an intimate private fashion show in New York City at Jean-George's The Spice Market restaurant on February 24, 2008, re-exhibiting designer Jane Zhu's latest fashions, straight from the runway at London fashion week. The New York show was broadcast by Dragon TV's Global News channel, which lauds Jane as a talented Chinese-born American designer acting as an ambassador for Chinese-inspired design and culture." (March 2008)
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  • The Epoch Time March 2008

    After the New York Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show by Jane Zhu, the Epoch Times interviewed the designer about her inspiration for the collection. For Jane, the simple style of the qipao is the perfect way to bring out the internal beauty of its wearer. By individualizing every qipao for her clients, Jane strives to make every woman feel confident and fabulous in a qipao. ( March 2008 )
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  • Elle Feb.2008

    Elle China announced Qipao by Jane in a newsbyte that stated, "Qipao by Jane" is a high end made-to-measure fashion brand that operates out of Shanghai, having just shown its new collection at a show at The Glamour Bar on the Bund. Designer Jane states, "I'd rather design a couple of perfect qipaos than a whole lot of ready-to-wear dresses that have no personality." ( Feb. 2008)
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