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    International Celebrity News Feb 2008

    International Celebrity News spots German actress, model, writer Ariane Sommer in Jane's bespoke Qipao boutique in Shanghai. Fascinated by the historical yet modern dress, Ariane consulted with Jane to have her own Qipao designed and hand tailored. Three weeks later she received the exquisite and individualized Qipao from Jane and wrote eloquently about this fashionable Shanghai experience ( Feb 2008 )
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  • China Daily Jan. 2008

    China Daily reports that lately, local Chinese brides are entrusting Qipao by Jane with the most important item they'll ever wear, because her work is wedding-worthy quality, made in 100% pure silk and with the finest craftsmanship available. The report also stresses the meticulous customization process, requiring over 20 measurements. ( Jan. 2008 )
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  • Fashion Capital Jan. 2008

    In a review of Qipao by Jane's show at NOLCHA LONDON FASHION WEEK, UK-based Fashion Capital reports that "Jane Zhu presents a unique work of modern art, a collaboration between the client and the designer to select from an exclusive collection of the finest silks in the world, as well as traditional Chinese handwork such as manual embroidery and silk brush painting.” (Jan. 2008)
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  • Modern Weekly Lifestyle Jan. 2008

    Modern Weekly's Lifestyle insert presented Qipao by Jane's Persephone Qipao along with the new D&G Lily purse as some of the current season's must-haves. The featured qipao, with its bare back and daring miniskirt, is a casual, chic and modern way to wear this style. ( Jan. 2008 )
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  • SmartShanghai Jan 2008

    SmartShanghai recommends Qipao by Jane 's studio as a place that offers traditional luxury quality, and contemporary options. SmartShanghai reports that "Jane confirms her understanding of your design by preparing a sketch (just like in Project Runway), and you get the beauty queen treatment!" (Jan. 2008)
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